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FPI renders prowess in executive production including tracking and post-production; especially, album-sequencing and mix & master template direction. Not to mention, experience in plugin and sample selection.

artist consulting



With diverse knowledge in audio, visual art, and project  managementFPI offers counsel in navigating the music release process from post productioncreative assets (i.e. artwork, decks), artist liaising, merchandise development, and meeting workflow deadlines.

Current & Former Clients

creative direction



Traditionally, a product manager is not closely involved in a musical work's composition or engineering. Thus, the accompanying marketing assets can be misaligned. Contrarily, FPI supports both A&R and creative proceedings --- outputting a connective thread sonically and visually. In this area, guidance with fashioning  cover art and liner notes is available; together with, photoshoot production specifically mood-board configuration, photographer appointment, location scouting, and overall art direction.


Plus, support with web design and merchandise development

music supervison



In a two year span, FPI has acquired credits with HBO, Hulu, Amazon, Apple TV, and Showtime -- providing music coordination as well as supervision. The foregoing know-how includes leading spotting sessions, managing cue and budget reports, pitching selections, arranging music-to-picture submissions, composing cue-sheets, assembling delivery folders; along with, retrieving publishing info and preparing quote requests, confirmations, and licenses.